Acne Treatment

Treating by Acupuncture, Cupping and Chinese Herbal Medicines.

Acne is primarily brought on by heat buildup in the liver, kidney, stomach, and lungs, according to TCM practitioners. Toxins in the body are to blame for the body’s heat buildup and irritating breakouts. An unhealthy diet frequently contributes to this accumulation of heat in the lungs and stomach. Therefore, it is best to avoid that cheeseburger whenever possible.

In addition to heat, “dampness” is another factor that contributes to acne. It is based on the idea that certain foods can cause “dampness,” which is when the body can’t get rid of the excess water in the tissues. Acne, excessive weight gain, and phlegm discharge are all consequences of this. To heal the body’s internal organs, TCM emphasizes the use of natural remedies and traditional Chinese methods. Regarding acne, TCM practitioners believe that it is brought on by an imbalance in the flow of blood and energy throughout the body, which has an effect on the way the body’s organs work. Then, TCM practices are used to get rid of acne by using Chinese herbal medicines and other methods to get the body back into balance and harmony so that blood and energy flow properly.

Facial acupuncture is the treatment of choice when it comes to using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat acne. To treat cystic acne and redness on the face, fine, thin needles are inserted into specific points.

Another treatment that is frequently sought after is cupping therapy, which involves sucking on the body with fire and cups to remove excess heat and toxins and improve blood circulation. Acne can also be improved by consuming or applying Chinese herbs topically.

To find the best treatment, it’s best to talk to a TCM practitioner.

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