I had a very bad cough when I went there. The lady doctor was very gentle and professional. I am totally healed after taking the herbal medicine for 7 days. And the staff there are very attentive as well. It is much better than those big hospitals. God bless you


BTRT is a perfect combination of excellent alternative therapy and great customer service. A special thanks goes to Dr. Meng and their Operations Manager Ms. Anne for making us feel at home from the first visit itself. A must visit for all who believe in alternate therapies.


Highly professional staff. Tried acupuncture, after few sessions, the pain and numbness on my right arm lessened a great deal until pain went away.

Chris Malgom

So good the Chinese medicine. Much better than ours !! Go for it !


I am thankful with Dr Liu Xin, he is really professional and attentive. From the beginning my acupuncture sections were effective and every time I am getting better. I got herbal treatment as well with another doctor I don’t remember her name.

Catherine PabonPerilla

I was diagnosed with an inflammation of L4 & L5 lumbar vertebrae. Chiropractors gave me 4-6 weeks of recovery. I tried acupuncture at Beijing Tong Ren Tang: the day after the first session, the excruciating pain was gone. After 2 weeks, I am now up to speed. Special Kudos to Stephen who did an amazing job and all the staff that are very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come again in case of trouble and strongly recommend to anyone

Erich Gunsenheimer

BeautyZone was extremely creative and forward thinking. They are also very quick and efficient when executing changes for us.

Suzan Dsilva

Exceptional service with professional staff

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