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Chinese Herbal Tea

Traditionally, Chinese herbal tea helps to refresh the mind, increase alertness, boost concentration, and has many other health benefits.

Tea in China is probably as old as the Traditional Chinese Medicine itself. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, their is always a percentage of tea in the medicine. It is like a pawn on a chessboard and it is important to relate to the other pieces, the other herbs, wherein some of the formulae actually have the ending with the word ‘tea’. In fact, our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor/physician call it as the prescription medicinal tea.

Herbal Dispensary

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines are created by combining individual herbs into formulas to promote health. Herbs are carefully selected, processed, dried and are given to a patient in a tea or in the form of pills.

The bedrock of Traditional Chinese Medicines are the Chinese herbs that have been used for more than 5000 years. Decocting is a professional service that is offered in our clinic which uses Chinese herbs that are authentic and certifies by the World Health Organisation. Decoction is a process where the herbs are boiled and the liquid is used for health purposes. very often the liquid is presented as a strong tea. The decoction process is critical and correct preparation is necessary to produce results. All our Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians have paid a lot of attention to how decoctions are prepared throughout the ages.